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4000 2D Series

The 4000 2D Series delivers the same reliability and durability as the 3800 Linear Series-with the enhanced functionality and value that only 2D imagers can provide. These powerful devices can read virtually any linear or 2D bar code, and have the ability to capture digital images for electronic signature capture, paperless document processing and other applications. With its exceptional versatility, the 4000 2D Series brings you affordable, future-ready solutions for a broad range of uses.


4600g4600g General Purpose 2D Image Scanner

Featuring the right blend of durability, ergonomics and connectivity options, the 4600g is perfect for a broad range of applications requiring the power and versatility of a 2D imager. Ideal for use in retail, pharmacy, manufacturing and postal applications.

Multi-Functional Device—Reads linear, stacked linear and 2D bar codes, plus captures digital images, eliminating the need for multiple input devices and capable of meeting diverse data collection requirements.

Comfortable and Easy to use—Ergonomic design and Omni-directional bar code reading capability reduce fatigue and enhance productivity.

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4600r4600r Retail 2D Image Scanner

Designed specifically for retail point of sale (POS) applications, the 4600r is optimized to deliver POS presentation scanning, with the value-add functionality only possible with a 2D imager.

Fast and Easy Presentation Scanning—High-performance “fly-by” scanning capability speeds-up processing items at check-out.

Enables Drivers License Reading—Populate e-forms and verify identification with one simple scan, eliminating keyed-in data and paper forms.

Image Capture Capability—digitally capture signatures, take “snap-shots” of non-compliant bar code labels, plus a range of other applications.

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4800i4800i Industrial 2D Image Scanner

Featuring the same advanced data collection and image capture capabilities as the 4600g, the 4800i is built specifically for the rugged environments common in warehousing, distribution, transportation/ logistics and retail applications.

Industrial-Grade Durability—Constructed with an impact absorbing, shock-resistant housing.

Environmentally Sealed—Protected against dust and moisture intrusion.

Performs in Extreme Temperatures—Ideal for use indoors or out, in the heat or freezing cold.

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48204820 Cordless 2D Image Scanner

For applications where tethered solutions aren’t an option, the 4820 (formerly the 4620) provides the versatility of 2D imaging with the freedom of cordless connectivity.

Advanced Wireless Communications—Bluetooth™ v1.2 radio enables movement up to 33 feet (10m) from the base while its Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) feature eliminates interference with other wireless systems.

Innovative Battery Technology—Field-replaceable lithium-ion battery enables up to 50,000 reads per full charge.

Super-Compact Design—Small footprint enables hands free presentation scanning when docked in the base.

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4820i4820i Industrial Cordless 2D Image Scanner

The 4820i Industrial Cordless 2D Imager is designed to provide unmatched data collection performance and versatility for applications that demand maximum reliability in the harshest working environments.

Powered by Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 5.0Reads linear and 2D bar codes, plus captures digital images

Tool-Free Battery AccessThumbwheel end-cap allows easy user access to the battery

Simple Device ConfigurationVisual Xpress™ software provides an easy-to-use Windows-based GUI for programming and configuration

Bluetooth v1.2 Wireless ConnectivityProvides 33’ (10m) working range

Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion BatteryPowers up to 50,000 scans per charge

Leading Combination of Ergonomics and DurabilityRugged housing withstands 50 drops from 6.5 feet (2m) and certified to IP54 standards, while still being ergonomic and easy-to-use.

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