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VersaScan LR

ID TECH VersaScan Long Range CCD Scanner is specially designed to deliver high-end performance with the scanning range from contact to 15 inches depending on the barcode density. The scanner utilizes advanced scanning & decoding technology. The scanned data is formatted to meet the user needs. This rugged scanner is lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in the hand for extended periods of use. The cable is detachable for easy replacement or change of interfaces.

• Ergonomic handling design & light weight
• Long range scanning up to 15 inches
• Rugged design for industrial environment
• Supports most barcode symbologies
• Trouble-free interchangeable communication cable between KB, RS232, and USB interface
• Data editing & formatting features
• Configuration cloning capability
• 230 scans per second
• Continuous and flash scanning mode

General Information:
Size: 6.3 x 2.6 x 3.7 inches (L x W x D)
Color: Two-tone, Black & Gray
Interfaces: RS232, USB, or Keyboard wedge
Field Width & Depth: 5.3 & 1.2 - 2.8 inches
Scans per second: 230

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VersaScan LR