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Sabre 1552

sabre 1551EAs rugged as the come, the Sabre 1552 Cordless Scanner provides unparalleled flexibility in scanning bar codes from as much as 50 feet away from the Microbar 9745 RF Base Station. The linear imager, with Vista powered engine, can read damaged, poorly printed and high-density bar codes.

• Cordless design eliminates cables for safer and more reliable scanning
• Durable design withstands the harshest environments
• Comfortable and light-weight for easy use
• “Smart” battery packs with integral charger eliminate the need for a separate charger
• Up to nine scanners can interface to a single base station for lower acquisition costs
• Unlicensed radio frequency transmission for maximum application flexibility
• Scan engines to match your application: linear imager, with Vista™ powered engine that can read damaged, poorly printed and high-density bar codes

Product Overview
The Sabre® 1552 Cordless Scanner provides unparalleled flexibility in scanning bar codes. Work is made easier and safer with no cable to damage or become entangled in. Users can take the Sabre 1552 to the work site, up to 50 feet from a MicroBar™ 9745 RF Base Station – because both the 1552 and the 9745 use Intermec’s PicoLink™ wireless personal area network.

A Flexible Solution
PicoLink operates using an unlicensed 2.4GHz radio frequency (RF) hopping design that has global regulatory acceptance and superior interference immunity versus other narrow band RF sources. Multiple scanners – up to nine – can interface to a single MicroBar 9745 RF Base Station. This gives users unparalleled flexibility in locating host terminals throughout the work area. Lower acquisition costs too...fewer base stations and fewer host terminal connections are required.

The 1552 can be used in any application where a handheld scanner is required, and where a cordless unit is necessary. Typical applications where the 1552 could add value are; Warehousing and Distribution Centers requiring shipping and receiving, and cross docking; Manufacturing Facilities requiring work-in-process, tool cribbing, and pallet tracking, and asset tracking requiring back office inventory, document tracking and utilities.

Users can also choose from keyboard wedge, RS 232, POS terminal or wand emulation interfaces, and standard, long-range, high density and high visibility laser scan engines, and Vista linear scan engine for additional application versatility.

Rugged, Tested Design
The 1552 Cordless Scanner is the latest member of the Sabre family of industrial performance scanners. Users will benefit from its ability to withstand the harshest environments – windblown rain and dust (IP54 Sealing), arctic to desert temperature ranges, off road vehicle levels of vibration (20000G’s) and 26 drops from 6 feet to concrete.

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