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Intermec's family of handheld scanners addresses the needs of users in virtually every scanning environment. From handheld scanners or decoders to integrated scan engines, Intermec has the right scanner for any application.

Light Industrial

ScanPlus 1800

scanplus 1800

The high-performance compact Intermec 1800 handheld decoded scanner is well suited to retail, office, healthcare and light industrial applications.

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ScanPlus 1800 Vista

scanplus 1800 vista

Combining the benefits of CCD and Laser technologies, the ScanPlus 1800 Vista combines new Intermec developments in decoding and scanning.

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ScanPlus 1802 Vista

scanplus 1802 vista

The Intermec 1802 cordless scanner, bundled with the 9735 Base Station, is ideal for applications that require mobility or the inherent safety of a cordless solution.

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Sabre 1400

sabre 1400

Exceptional durability combined with low power consumption makes the Sabre 1400 handheld bar code scanner an excellent choice for portable data collection in warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution applications.

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Sabre 1550C

sabre 1550c

Rated for dust, rain and off-road vehicle vibration, the 1550 laser scanner is available with a choice of standard, long-range, advanced long range, high-density or high-visibility optics.

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Sabre 1551E

sabre 1551e

Available in a range of optics, including advanced long range for reading codes at up to 8.1 meters (27 feet), the 1551E is capable of scanning both linear and PDF417 bar codes.

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Sabre 1552

sabre 1552

As rugged as the come, the Sabre 1552 Cordless Scanner provides unparalleled flexibility in scanning bar codes from as much as 50 feet away from the Microbar 9745 RF Base Station.

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Intermec’s SR60 is a tethered, handheld industrial strength laser scanner designed to meet the needs of users who require extra long range scanning.

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Intermec’s SR61 incorporates industry-standard Bluetooth® radio technology into a cordless handheld scanner perfect for stand-alone wireless data collection interfacing to Bluetooth-enabled hosts in rugged, industrial environments.

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The SR61ex cordless scanner integrates our breakthrough EX25 scan engine, enabling users to scan any kind of barcode, from near or far, in any orientation, and to capture images too.

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The combination of a flashlight style form factor and magnetic attach/release mechanism of the Intermec SF51 cordless scanner renders a compact, unique scanning device that easily fits in your hand or clipped to your waist.

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