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Kitchenjet 1500

kitchenjet1500The Ithaca ® KITCHENjetTM inkjet printer. The kitchen environment is a hot, messy, demanding one. You asked for a reliable printer that would thrive in that world. You wanted high heat-resistant cabinetry. A loud buzzer you can hear above the chaos. A protective shroud that wards off spills and spatters. Stainless steel wall or countertop shelving for flexible positioning and even more heat protection. Your order is ready: the KITCHENjet is here. Complete with 12 lps print speed, our Insta-Load® automatic paper loading system, extra large paper roll, and PowerPocket® for secure storage of the power supply. All backed, of course, by Ithaca's solid reputation for top quality and reliability.

Just a few KITCHENjetTM highlights:
• No more melting printers! High heat resistant cabinetry prevents damage from nearby heat sources such as ovens, grills and heat lamps.
• Orders you can read. Printed orders are resistant to damage from heat, grease and oil.
• Enhance order accuracy by printing modifiers and special instructions in color.
• An extra loud buzzer you can hear above the noise of your kitchen.
• Optional stainless steel shelf provides layout flexibility.

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