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POSjet 1000

posjet1000The Ithaca POSjet® 1000 lets you print color logos, illustrations, coupons, special offers – any promotional message, right on your receipts – affordably. Fact is, single-handedly, POSjet® 1000 has created a whole new business-building, revenue-generating medium for restaurants and retail stores. It's a huge opportunity with endless potential for anyone who wants to keep customers coming back. And isn't that the point of sale?

Just a few POSjet® 1000 highlights:
• Each reliable HP cartridge has a 7-million-character capacity.
• Choice of four color options – black, red, green and blue – and the exclusive ability to print in any combination of two!
• Easy to integrate. Major emulations readily available.
• Drop-in replacement for leading impact receipt printers.
• Print two-color graphics, logos, even coupons.

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