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KB3000 Series, Programmable Keyboard

LK1800Ideal Layout for Many Applications
The KB3000 matrix keypad is ideal for many applications that require a large number of function keys. The keypad templates are easily removable so that different templates can easily be swapped out. Retail, restaurant, dry cleaning, and industrial establishments all make use of the KB3000 features.

Superior Reliability
The KB3000 is built with only the highest quality components. The 176 key keypad is built with high quality stainless steel dome disk switches and is enclosed in a heavy duty one piece steel case. All units are spill proof and also receive full functional and quality control testing before leaving Logic Controls facilities.

Easy and Advanced Programming
The KB3000 is one of the easiest and most programmable keyboards on the market. All keys are programmable and the KB3000 supports a full set of alphanumeric, control, function, and international output codes. Using a powerful Windows-based programming utility that stores key definitions in a data file, an integrator can create a program layout for multiple keypads, rather than programming key by key, keypad by keypad.

• All 176 keys are programmable, up to 1800 characters per key with programmable inter-string delays
• Includes powerful Windows-based programming utility
• Create program layout for multiple keyboards - programming utility saves templates in data files
• Multi-level key definition
• No programming accessory kit, TSR program, or battery required
• High quality, stainless steel dome disk switches
• Standard computer 101 keyboard output data format
• Data set includes all alphanumeric, control, function and optional international output codes
• True keyboard wedge function, operates with or without computer keyboard
• Available with PS/2 (standard) or optional RS232C or AT interface
• I/O ports allow daisy-chaining of other input devices
• Heavy duty one-piece steel case
• Spill proof

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