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MR1000 Series

standard dutyFits Almost Anywhere
The MR1000 Series MSR is only 100mm long and can fit almost anywhere, making it ideal for POS and desktop applications. Whether it is used stand alone or attached to a monitor, touchscreen or all-in-one unit, the MR1000 provides the functionality needed with an extremely small form factor.

Easily Programmable
The MR1000 Series MSR is easily programmable through the programming utility's intuitive graphical user interface. By simply clicking on buttons and entering parameters, an integrator can easily set up the MR1000 for use with a minimal investment in time and training. It is easy to enable/disable tracks, change start and stop sentinels, and add prefixes, field terminators and suffixes. A built-in decoder reads all combinations of tracks 1, 2 and 3. The MR1000 Series MSR also supports a wide range of reading speeds and includes special firmware to avoid transmission errors due to bus contention.

Reliable and Low Cost
The MR1000 Series MSR is both extremely reliable and affordable. It uses the latest technology that provides reliability and speed that is superior to other products. The reading head lasts longer than 1 million cycles and can read with a swipe made in either direction. A dual color LED light and a programmable beep indicate a good or bad read. A stainless steel card guide is used for an extra smooth swipe. All units also receive full functional and quality control testing before leaving Logic Controls facilities. Best of all, this high quality unit is available at a price that easily fits into any budget.

• Small size perfect for POS and desktop applications
• Easy, GUI-based programming
• Dimensions and screw holes compatible with MagTek Mini swipe card reader
• Built-in decoder reads all combinations of tracks 1, 2 and 3
• Stainless steel card guide for extra smooth swipe
• Bi-directional reading head that lasts > 1 million swipes
• Two color LED and programmable beep indicate good/bad read
• Supports wide range of reading speeds
• Supports USB, PS/2 and RS232C interfaces
• Operates with or without keyboard attached
• Avoids transmission errors due to bus contention

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