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MS1690 Focus

Metrologic’s Focus is a high performance hand-held area imager that decodes all of today’s standard bar codes including 1D, RSS, PDF417, microPDF, EAN/UCC Composite, Matrix and Postal Codes regardless of orientation. Focus’ laser like reading of 1D codes and omni-directional reading of 2D codes combined with a competitive price make it the obvious solution to a broad array of applications such as retail, healthcare, shipping/receiving and supply chain management.

Features Benefits
FirstFlash® Increases productivity in all applications by scanning virtually every bar code on the first LED flash
Omnidirectional scanning Eliminates the need for user to orientate the hand-held scanner to a bar code
Linear illumination Facilitates laser-like menu scaning with an area imager
Multiple code select Scan up to 7 bar codes with one trigger pull and output data in the desired order
Illumination forward design Ability to scan at contact, consistent scan performance throughout DOF, no dead zone

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