9520Bar Code Scanners: Metrologic

MS9520 Voyager & MS9540 VoyagerCG

The Metrologic Voyager and VoyagerCG® hand-held, single-line scanners have united form with function to become the industry benchmark for value and performance. These sleek scanners feature a patented automatic infrared activation and decode all standard 1D bar codes, including RSS codes.

VoyagerCG® also includes Metrologic’s patented CodeGate® technology which easily completes data transmission with the push of a single button. For presentation scanning, Voyager and VoyagerCG® come with a stand and in-stand-auto-detection technology.

Features Benefits
Automatic trigger Use scanner as either a hand-held device or a fixed presentation scanner when mounted in the stand
CodeGate® data transmission Ideal for menu-scanning applications and when combined with the Auto-Trigger, VoyagerCG® is the most intuitive bar code scanning system in the industry
650-nanometer laser Equipped with a high-visibility laser allowing the user to place the line on bar code
FlashROM Update firmware from any PC via MetroSet®2 software provided free from Metrologic
Parsing (data editing) Bar code data can be formatted to meet the requirements of host system

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