LS9203Bar Code Scanners: Symbol/Motorola


Enhance profitability with more accurate sales transactions and better inventory management while reducing the costs associated with scanner maintenance, training and operations. The Symbol LS9203 omni-directional bar code scanner is designed for both hands-free and handheld scanning and is ideal for small retail operations and institutional organizations requiring dependable data entry. The scanner’s ease of deployment and durability combine to lower the total cost of ownership, and its small form factor suits environments where counter space is at a premium. Integrates with your existing POS solution to offer detailed and timely sales information to give you insights into customer behavior.

Electronic data capture technology
Eliminates manual effort and paper-based data collection errors, reducing costs related to inventory errors and shrinkage while also improving accuracy and speeding POS data collection

Omni-directional scan pattern
Speeds checkout times and frees employees to serve more customers

Flexible handheld or hands-free scanning
Saves employees time, lowers equipment costs and reduces injuries caused by heavy lifting

Durable design
Ensures reliable performance and investment protection by withstanding multiple drops to concrete

Plug-and-play setup, intuitive scanning
Enables rapid deployment and immediate use without formal training, allowing new and experienced employees to immediately help improve operational efficiency

Multiple interfaces
Provides investment protection by permitting migration to new hosts without replacing scanners

Universal cables
Lowers total cost of ownership through easy replacement or upgrade; improved abrasion resistance in areas most likely to wear

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