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a795A795 Two-Color Single Station Thermal Printer
Designed for hospitality and general retail applications, the A795 is one of the fastest and most reliable printers in its class. Best of breed, this extremely small footprint single-station printer offers the reliability you have come to expect from TPG in monochrome and now in two-color printing modes.

Fast and Reliable
We know how valuable transaction time is, so TPG designed the ColorPOS® printers to cut down printing time at the point of sale. With a print speed of 200 mm/s in monochrome and 100 mm/s for two-color printing, TPG's ColorPOS printers are among the fastest two-color printers in the industry with first class monochrome print speeds.

ColorPOS Technology
Continuing its tradition of innovation, TPG is proud to offer the first ColorPOS equipped two-color thermal receipt printer. ColorPOS technology is a low energy two-color printer loaded with built-in features designed for ease of use and integration.

Increase Profitability
TPG direct thermal printers reduce transaction times, improve loyalty programs, reduce the occurrence of receipt frauds, and increase accuracy for exceptions and returns. TPG's ColorPOS equipped printers work wonders to improve your brand image and brand recognition, and will increase customer understanding of, and participation in, your marketing programs.

Two-Color Thermal Paper
TPG has partnered with a major paper manufacturer to develop a cost competitive two-color thermal paper. This two-color thermal paper activates at lower energy levels than other available papers. This gives you low cost thermal paper, higher print speed and a longer print head life.

Low Cost Integration
TPG's innovative and patented features can be easily implemented through a simplified command set, utilities and drivers. This reduces integration time and lowers the development cost.

Total Cost of Ownership
With highly integrated electronics and low energy activation paper, TPG's ColorPOS printers image two colors at a high rate of speed. This breakthrough technology preserves the life of TPG's print head by using a standard 55 watt power supply for both monochrome and two-color printing. Combined with efficient technology and low cost paper, the A795 offers the lowest total cost of ownership in its class.

Color Flexibility
If you are not ready to take advantage of TPG's color printing technology, ColorPOS technology provides exceptional value when operating in monochrome mode. The A795 is proven to be reliable and has a first class print speed. Then, when you want to take advantage of the A795's color capabilities, TPG will be ready to support your transition into color receipts.

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